Bridging Cultural Differences

If you get past the silly picture, there’s some powerful concepts in a recent blog post by Janice Person (@JPlovescotton) I’ll try not to just regurgitate what she said, but I’d really like you to watch the two videos of  Chamillionaire and Jeff Fowle.  They are very, very insightful.

So, to start out, let me make it very clear that I have little or no connection to this Chamillionaire fellow.  I don’t like his music style, would even admit to stereotyping rappers at times.  But he has some very good thoughts, and quite honestly, not that much unlike what those of us in ag often times face with being stereotyped in other ways.

But what’s significant to me.  Chamillionaire represents a very large demographic group that eat, vote, and quite frankly will be telling us how we can farm in the future.  So, if you believe in the goals of ag advocacy and an organization like AgChat Foundation, whatever our personal cultural/music preferences, this is a demographic we’re going to have to work with.

An interesting “data” side note (have to throw one of those in).  There are 657,000 people that follow Chamillionaire on Twitter when I wrote this.  I follow about 400 ag folks, and Janice is the only one who is following Chamillionaire.  That stat alone probably speaks volumes about the cultural separation.  I don’t have the answers about how we bridge these divides, but I do know that it’s important to understand they exist, and do our part as an industry to build bridges.

As a side note, when you consider the political leanings of the average American farmer, and the political views of the average American, esp. on the coasts, it makes the music/rapper differences seem like the little leagues.  But that’s a post for another day!


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  1. Posted by Janice on September 23, 2010 at 2:54 am

    Thanks Darin! So glad you got beyond the photo to some of the other things I was thinking. Love your perspective.


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