Fall weed control at Grimm Farms

Just a little, simple insight into one farming decision on our farm.  Keep in mind we are mostly a corn/soybean rotation.  In the last several years we have moved to spraying all our soybean ground (that’s going to corn) in the fall.  Works very well, keeps the field clean until we plant in the spring, easier to kill winter annual weeds in the fall, timing is nice, just lots of benefits.

On the other hand, we’ve always done nothing in the fall with our corn stalks (ground that is going to soybeans).  Depending on herbicide costs, we might apply a residual style product in the spring, or just treat with straight glyphosate several times.

A few weeks ago, thanks to Janice (Monsanto pr person I work closely with in social media), I became aware of a program Monsanto was offering that encouraged using some kind of residual product.  This morning, I just found out we’re using it on our farm!

“Found out” is an interesting term as well, as it gives a little insight into how I work.  Technically, I am probably supposed to be making the spraying decisions on our farm.  In reality, it doesn’t always work that way.  Klint, who operates the sprayer, is a very knowledgeable, capable partner in our operation.  Kent H., who works for our local retailer is someone I respect and who’s advise and input I appreciate.   When Klint told me this was one program option they thought might be good, and I was confident from previous discussions that I agreed with the concepts of the program, it was an easy/quick response to say “Go for it!” on some of our acres.

There’s one important concept here.  I don’t claim to have the concept of  “management” figured out, I may even be rather awful at it, but one thing I know, when you work with people it’s important to understand the ways they can and are able to contribute, and not get caught up in the mindset that as the “boss” you have to make every decision, know what’s best, or find a way to tell everyone what to do.


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  1. Thanks Darin for the shoutout. I was glad to hear we had the products you had used before in the program. Hope that Roundup Ready PLUS does well for you. We want to help more farmers look at ways to get good weed control on the farm and using another mode of action, particularly a residual product is a great way of stewarding the products we have out there — chemistry and traits!


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