My biggest lesson of 2010: Working with people

I have to start this post with words of wisdom from Dad.  Several years ago, we were working cattle one day, I was sharing my dreams and goals at the time of large farming operation with many employees.  Dad says, “I farm because I don’t like to work with people”.  Although he didn’t pass that trait completely to me, I can appreciate the sentiment.

But I do, I really do like to work with people.  I don’t like groups of people, and certianly want time to myself, that’s what makes me the introvert I am frequently called out for.  But as an individual, often intense level, I love the challenge and opportunity that doing something together represents.

The amount of time I’ve spent with individuals in 2010 that I hardly knew or didn’t know when the year began is quite staggering.  And I’ve also had the opportunity to work together on some things this year with people I’ve known a long time.  Some, like a restaurant venture that didn’t happen, may have failed in actual results, but succeeded in experience gained.  There were tough and difficult issues for sure, there was enjoyable fun, but most of all, for me, there was just lots of learning. 

It’s cliche to say that everyone’s unique, yet if that’s so well known, why do we have such a hard time dealing with it?  There are folks who think big picture and don’t do details.  There are folks that seem to get way more work done than anyone else, and others that quite frankly we all wonder what they do with their 24 hrs/day.  And yet they are all people, each focusing on what matters to them, sometimes we’re (looking at myself first) too quick to judge the choices they make.

Often times, asking forgiveness, saying sorry is the hardest…  But are we understanding that for some that takes time, they can’t just do it right away?  Or do we maybe apologize and then just make the same mistakes again (my wife would probably hold me accountable on this one)  On the other hand, do we really have it in us to forgive someone who’s upset us, or do we let a past occurrence, or personallity trait we don’t like affect our relationship far into the future.

Whew..   I got a little carried away there, lets review some differences that are a little less traumatic.  Most know I love numbers, and it wasn’t until I started working in social media that I realized how much I really do think in number/data terms as I review things.  Yet, I’ve come to really appreciate the very diverse talents that others have, esp. those that are polar opposite of mine, usually in the visual/creative realm.

The world is getting more complex by the day, the pace of knowledge increase is staggering, there’s not too many folks that are going to live as a relusive hermit, even my Dad doesnt!  And so,  we all have to work with people, that starts with being willing to understand them, especially when it’s different from yourself or your view of how they should be.

For all the data fun I had in 2010, there’s no doubt the “people” experiences were the ones I’ve learned the most from.


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