What’s wrong with kids these days?

So, this is now the third day the kids are home from school.  I’m not usually one for believing in things like “cabin fever”.  I’ll admit it’s one of those times that I usually need a bit more understanding is when I come in and Marci says the kids just have something in them today.  I usually don’t react to strongly.  However, last night, something was different.  Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was being stuck in the house for two days, who knows what got into them.   But it was utter chaos.

Fortunately, events of the day, which lead to this excellent blog post from Ohio beef producer Mike Haley, gave me reason to step away for a few minutes of data/stats fun later in the evening and regain my sanity!

So, the worst of the winter storm that’s swept the midwest is over here, the snows done.  Now it’s just near zero degrees, with 30 MPH winds.  And five minutes ago, a neighbor kid shows up at the shop on a four-wheeler.  And wants to know if he can climb our now unused 70 foot silo and shoot pigeons.  WHAT?????

I’ll be glad when school reopens, but with a little bit of extra sympathy for the schoolteachers.



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