A farmer reflects on World Earth Day 2011

This Friday, April 22nd the world will commemorate  Earth Day.   Wikipedia tells us it is a “a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment”

I don’t know the full range of activities that will take place this Friday, but I suspect there will be plenty of rousing speeches, there will celebrations and renewed calls to protect the place every one of us calls home.  There will be sponsors of said events showing off their successes in “going green”.  When all is said and done, the hope is at least some part of humanity will be moved to a bit more caring about and for the environment in which we live.  That can really be the best hope for an event as large and publicized as World Earth Day 2011.

Vergtable FarmingA very small minority of folks will actually truly be caring for the Earth that day.  They will be getting their hands dirty, they will be listening to no speeches, no TV cameras will be there to film the activity, but they will be busy fulfilling the vision of the day.  They may be applying nutrients to sustain a new set of seedlings that will grow into the plants to feed the world.  They may be tilling the earth itself in preparation to plant those seedlings.  Those seedlings may have grown large, and those same farmers might be making decisions about how to combat the many forms of pests and nuances that threaten the health of their young plants.  Or those plants may have matured and the farmer is harvesting the bounty that his labor and mother earth has provided.  (And I did just learn that the official name of the day is now International Mother Earth Day!)corn farming

And as it goes, the farmer, duplicated around the globe, in many ways and forms, will do the same thing the day after Earth Day.  On April 23nd he will get up, perform these same tasks, o0n the 24th, 25th, 26th.. through the months of May… June……   you know, it never really ends.  The season changes, sometimes things are slower or busier on the farm.  But the farmer tends to the earth, every single day.

For the farmer, every day is Earth Day.


6 responses to this post.

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  2. Well said, I love tho pics!


  3. Absolutely, Right On!

    It’s so refreshing to hear words of truth today and not some type of media hype.

    I hope the AP, New York Times, Omaha World-Herald, Chicago Tribune, FoxNews and others pickup this story. It’s a great message for today.

    Thanks for taking the time to share!



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  5. […] friend Darin Grimm wrote an Earth Day post too. Love the farmer […]


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