Vacation… and taking a whole post just to get there!

This blog has been dormant for a while.  A significant reason why was a 15 day family vacation to Eastern Oregon.  I decided to put together a summary of our trip out there.

First, my wife’s sister and her family traveled with us (most of the way anyway.. more on that later), but we did not spend much time with them while in Oregon.

Marci's sister and her family that traveled with us

Our first day, we left at 4am (not my choice!) and traveled for 15 hours, reaching Salt Lake City, Utah where we spent the evening with a cousin. To me, the view of Salt Lake City nestled between the mountains is one of the prettiest images of cities in the west.

From there, we changed our original plans a bit, heading straight west on I-80 and seeing the Great Salt Lake as well as the miles and miles of salt flats.  This was something very new and unique to me.

View from the Hell's Canyon lookout and my first attempt at using panoraomic mode on my phone's camera

That evening saw us in Eastern Oregon, where we spent the next 1.5 days, we made the long trek up to Hell’s Canyon lookout, and were rewarded with what I think may be the most breathtaking view of God’s creation I have ever witnessed.  The value of reaching this spot seems to still be a subject of disagreement in our family, with one’s age a key variable.

After that, we spent an evening at a lake in the area, with some friends, and the kids enjoyed their first time in the water since leaving home.

Maybe the most memorable event of the trip occurred that evening.  The friend we were with was a surveyor, and he had the combination for a lock that gave us access to a private drive.

Cousins - on top of the ridge after the memorable drive up

Imagine a private lane going up a steep, rocky slope.  I am somewhat confident our caravan may have been the first time a minivan took this path.  It was fun and exciting or incredibly fearful, depending on who you ask.  At the top we could look out over the lake, or the valley and irrigated farm ground to the east, and in the distance see the mountains of Idaho.

We left the area Saturday morning, and made our way west.  After an afternoon picnic along our route with more cousins in Hood River, Oregon, we arrived at our destination near Silverton, Oregon at about 8 pm Saturday evening.  For reference Silverton is very near the capital Salem, and about an hour south of Portland.

Maybe in a followup post I’ll write more about the week+ we spent in Oregon and the trip home including trying to find food in the middle of Wyoming late one evening.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love the photos! Glad you are back.


  2. Posted by Jodi on August 12, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Sounds like a great trip. Glad you’re home safe and sound!


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