Steve Jobs, I hope your in iHeaven, too

By now, I suspect you’ve heard that Steve Job’s died yesterday, after battling pancreatic cancer for some time.  If you don’t know who Steve Jobs is, he took a nearly bankrupt company and turned them into the largest publicly traded company in the world.  In recent history he’s brought the world the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad.  Each huge hits, dominating their product categories.  And he’s done it with a laser focus on the detail of this thing those in technology call the “user experience”.  Trying to make using technology easier/simpler/better, what a novel concept!   A concept that has earned Apple billions and billions of profits as a company.  But enough on Steve’s accomplishments, You can read, watch, listen to them all over the media world at this moment.

I want to focus on a few key quotes I heard.  From Jodi Oleen, I saw this on Facebook last night.

RIP Seve Jobs.  Thank you for changing the game and making every Android user just a bit jealous.

Now, I saw a lot of quotes, a lot of tributes, it’s about the only thing on my screen when I checked the computer last night.  This one probably brought the biggest smile, is was a fitting tribute, with a funny slant on something that in reality is too true.  I suspect there’s basically two types of smartphone users, those that own iPhones, and those that have been just a little bit jealous of those folks at times.. if each of us really is honest.

The next quote that caught my attention was from Jeff Fowle and this simple tweet:

Prayers going out to Steve Job’s family. 

The thought struck me, it’s a comment I often hear made when someone dies, by myself or others.  I don’t know much about Steve’s family, I do know he has a wife and children.  And I’m also pretty aware that Steve’s mountain of accomplishments usually mean little to those who were closest to Steve and left behind at these times.  So to Laurene, to the children, to all the friends and family that know Steve mainly as Steve, my prayers are with/for you too.

The last quote I wanted to share this morning is from Kelly Rivard last night, she has her own blog post tribute to Steve.  I’m quoting the final sentence of an email last night:

I hope he’s peaceful and happy in iHeaven.

Steve, I hope so too.  Matter of fact I hope this most of all.  I do not know if Steve was a Christian, I do not know if he even believed in “iHeaven”   I know that I do, and there it is during a time of death that we best realize each and every one of us will face the end of our lives at some point.  Rich or poor, loved or hated, utterly successful or a dismal failure.  Steve’s life is over, there’s nothing but memories for everyone, from his closest friends to his millions maybe billions of fans.  And yet, iHeaven sticks in my mind, wondering not about Steve, but about all those still living:

Are You Ready?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Darin,
    With all the earthly praise for Steve Jobs, I wondered when someone was gonna go there! I commend you for broaching this sensitive subject.

    Since he wasn’t Christian (but a practicing Buddhist), my faith says that he actually won’t “rest in peace.” So Jeff Fowle is right — all the more reason I’m praying for his family.



    • Thanks Neil, your thoughts are appreciated, it’s not the easiest thing to write about. I didn’t realize until I read your comments that Steve was Buddhist


  2. Thank you for the mention Darin. As always, thank you for making us think.


  3. Just wanted to come over and say, “thank you for visiting”. I was going to come over here, and say, “wait you don’t have to be rural to be featured.” Now, I can see why you will never be able to join. Didn’t intend to be sexist! Perhaps, you should start a Rural Men Rock! It could be fun! We could join forces and rule the world. Thanks agian, Kasse


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