Looking Inward

Sometimes a specific chain of events causes one to pause and really think about things.  Actually, I spend a lot of time thinking about things, it’s an introvert personality I’ve learned!   But tonight, the thinking progressed to a point I wanted to share.

The looking inward part is this.  I came in from a busy day of harvest, headed to a school board meeting, and Marci (my wife) asks a question related to an issue we were dealing with on the farm.  At the time, it frustrated me.  I had spent a fair amount of time dealing with it today, and I didn’t want to again.  Over the next few minutes (yea, a few of you will appreciate that this was the one of the classic shower inspirations:)  as I thought about it, I realized my wife’s question offered a wonderful insight and perspective.  She asked about this issue from a different, unique, and important angle.

The problem is my initial reaction..  the quick dismissal, the not wanting to really discuss the issue, not wanting the new input.  You may be surprised to learn this is a significant character flaw I have.  I can think of many, many examples, where I will initially quickly dismiss a new idea, only to realize a few minutes/hours/days later that there is some value there, that I shouldn’t have been so quick in my rush to judgement.  I’ve thought about this for some time, I know it’s not a positive thing, yet habits are very, very hard to break.  So I continue to work on it…

Your probably tired of hearing about me, but the thought I want to leave you with is this.  Can you be honest with yourself and evaluate where your own character flaws are?  I think that is a critical, critical component to working as a team player, be it a marriage, a business, or an organization.  And it’s not about being as narcissistic as I am, and proclaiming your flaws in a blog post, but it’s about recognizing your limitations, recognizing where you truly, honestly arn’t as good as you need to be, and acknowledging it, even if only to yourself.  Doing so is a big positive step towards improvement, and it’s the continual process of learning, growing, improving that propels us forward.

Tough stuff


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mike Haley on August 14, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Laughing at the inside joke in this post, brings back lots of memories.

    I agree Darin, I have spent a lot of time evaluating my own character flaws over the past couple of years. While I know it’s impossible to be perfect we can always try to improve for the better and hope those who we chose to work with are striving to be better as well. This is especially important as you mention in situations where team efforts are essential.

    Thanks for the late night laugh. Good luck with harvest, I think we will all need a few extra prayers this year dealing with the challenges that can occur while harvesting drought stressed crops.


  2. Oh wow. Being a so-called newlywed, this certainly resonates! During our first year of marriage we have had quite a few interesting things happen. At times, it’s been tough for me to think and act as a husband and wife team. Not in pure selfishness but more in a way, that just takes care of things. Note to self: Don’t do that when you are married! I certainly would say I am set in my ways of being single and trying like heck to change that! I applaud your journey in being honest with yourself and evaluating your own character flaws- and I join you!!!


    • Your right Jodi, it’s certainly an ongoing journey. Blogging about an issue doesn’t magically make it better either! Thanks for your thoughts, I was thinking more “organization” when I wrote the post than marriage, but it certainly applies both ways


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