I’ll admit, when it comes to agvocacy I’ve been in somewhat of a rut lately.  Almost all of my agvocacy work involves the Agchat Foundation and my role there.  I just haven’t felt like I’ve been real involved.  Our organization is moving along, we concluded what seems to be an incredibly successful conference in August, we know have two awesome part-time staff members that take care of all the day to day work those of us that launched the Foundation used to have to do.  So all is well, except that personally I’ve felt a bit dis-connected, that I haven’t been doing much or that involved lately.

Tonight, that feeling changed, at least for the moment.  We had a very long, but fairly uneventful board meeting.  Doesn’t seem like we decided much, but a lot was discussed.  Afterwards, I had quite a few followup emails, chat, and txt conversations.  Some pertaining to the board meeting, some more general in nature.  Out of it all, I feel very inspired.

This is a weird phenomenon for me..   In my former life (pre-social media) I worked on the farm, and in my free/spare time I crunched data.  It was a lot of fun, but there was almost no people interaction, and I got inspiration from seeing data presented in new ways, little inspirations and nuggets of info I gleamed.  So, in the bigger picture tonight can seem like a bunch of “wasted” time having pointless conversations/discussions, whether as a board or individually.

Yet, I remember a specific time this happened before. Back when Google Buzz was the hangout for the cool ag kids.  A specific point where there was a lot of seemingly pointless interaction, and yet, coming of that, I had a lot of inspiration to push forward into new areas.  This is all quite fascinating to me.  I know that I am an almost off-the-scale introvert, and yet, most of my most inspirational moments seem to come from interactions with people.  Of note, it’s not interactions with large groups of people, but it is interactions vs. the isolation I used to so prefer.

My point here?  I’m not sure, although in the ongoing effort at self improvement, to better serve and support those we work with, understanding what inspires/motivates us each individually seems relevant.


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  1. Glad to hear that you got inspiration. God made us to desire relationships, so that makes sense 🙂 Hope you have a great day!


  2. Posted by John on October 18, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    A mentor of mine had a great saying….”You have to associate and participate”, he used this saying relating to many things in life. It is from this associating and participating that we get inspired and inspire others. Stay out in the world and get inspired!


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