You might be an #agnerd if

Your highlight of an event filled Superbowl, was Dodge’s “God Made a Farmer” commercial.

And you may be at the very top of the #agnerd heap if you’ve already blogged about the experience!  Listed in the approximate order I found these posts last night and this morning:

Carrie Mess talking about how she hopes this is read at her funeral..  No Carrie’s not morbid like that, this just hit close to her heart.

Katie Pinke found hope and peace.  And reflected on the dual worlds of marketing and agriculture she has spent her life in.

Janice Person shares her excitement over seeing the ad for the first time.  And did you catch she dropped out of the end of #blogchat to do this?  This might make the ultimate #agnerd

Shaun Haney/Lindsey Smith – Even our Canadian friends got in on the action with this post on

Brian Scott, farmer from Indiana, adds his thoughts as well.  

Brooke Clay has a short post of thankfulness up

Sarah Bedgar Wilson shares her thoughts.  Fortunately there’s the internet archive as Sarah missed the real time event!

Brandi Buzzard Frobose talks about why this is her favorite commercial of the night.  She also mentions the Clydesdales, which might have done better in the ag community if there hadn’t been such strong competition!

It brings a lot of joy and happiness to first, see Dodge and whoever is doing their creative work being willing to take the risk of remembering farmers and not ignoring the delicate issue of faith in a public forum.  And a shoutout to all of my Agnerd friends who by putting the story in your own words have helped make it a milestone event for agriculture!


Are you an advocate and wrote about this?  drop me a note, I’d love to know and add to the list!


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  1. Posted by Brooke on February 4, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Great post, man.


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