My Life as a Farmer

Today, corn planting commenced at Grimm Farms.  We’ll, that’s not entirely true.  We actually planted some corn on April 5th, but the decision to do so was so heavily questioned by my internet farming friends (the forecast was very wet/cold I’ll admit), that I dared not make too much an issue of it.  Except for some soil washing from all the heavy rains, the agronomist reports that corn looks like it’s doing fine to him.  Which I will admit made me breathe a sigh of relief! 


Can you see the corn planter? You’ll have to look REALLY close! – And this is the neighbor across the field from our shop today

So, while we technically started planting corn April 5th, today is the day corn planting is really happening in a significant, confident way.  For us, I think it was the flood year of either 1993 or 1995 that we last planted a large portion of corn in May, so this is unusual.  

However, after a long cold spring so far, it feels great to be back in the field on a sunny, 80+ degree day!

And one other note, regarding the title of this post… My life as a farmer consists of sitting at a computer writing a blog post on the day we are planting corn!  I know there are those farmers who with a combination of things like Ipads and Autosteer compose blog posts in the field.  I am not one of those, unfortunately.  Basically, as long as the planter is running smoothly, and seed, etc. is lined up in front of it, I do not get to drive the tractor (nor would I honestly want to).  So this post is written from the much more boring confines of the shop office!


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  1. Maybe one day I will relinquish the tractor and combine cab. I love being in there so much I was surprised when I returned to the farm that Dad was quite happy to give up his seat. He keeps plenty busy as I’ve probably freed up time for him to do things that otherwise had to wait in the past. I hate to say, but I bet I’ll own at least one autonomous tractor in my farming career. In fact I though of a great use for use the other day, Darin. I could have a tractor out there pulling a drill seeding cover crops behind the combine.


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