Here’s a short Monday morning blog thought from me..  a post would be stretching it, but it’s a thought.  And this post is to my agvocate friends specifically:

We seem to spend a lot of time worrying about what’s all being said online.  We complain that some folks are preaching to the choir, we complain some folks don’t reach outside the choir “right”.  Some complain that folks like to #thankafarmer, they feel it’s too conceited/proud.  Some are grumpy at those that don’t like #thankafarmer.  There’s folks that feel like organic farmers are too pushy and don’t respect their conventional counterparts.  There’s folks that think conventional farmers don’t show organic farmers enough respect.   There’s people like me that just write blog posts complaining about all of it!!!

I can’t conclude much from this, except wondering why I didn’t just stick with computer programming a few years ago…   maybe I’d still be wondering what Twitter was..  one thing I know for sure, a computer is MUCH, MUCH less complex, than the human emotional spectrum (and I won’t even insert a joke about male vs. female here..)

(oh yea, and there’s folks that are going to HATE that I did not ever proofread this blog post, that I probably did a massacre to the English language with untold grammar and spelling errors) Some will hate that I use too many capital letters, some will hate that I use too many multiple punctuation marks.

You know.. do what you want, do what makes you happy, follow those people you care about.. if you don’t like my blog, don’t read it.  If reading it bothers you, find something more enjoyable to do, life’s short, there’s 5 billion people out there you can connect with.  We (or any other two people)  don’t have to, seriously.  It’s ok, just because we are all advocates doesn’t mean we have to all be friends, that would be crazy.  It’s ok not to like something, it’s ok to not want to participate/be a part of something you don’t see any value in.

People have emotions, they have feelings, we get along with some, we don’t with others, social media doesn’t change that..  we shouldn’t expect it to.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I love this so very, very much Darin…. and it’s exactly what I needed to hear this afternoon. Thank you.


  2. Great post, Darin. Agree 100%. Be yourself and stop worrying about the peanut gallery. You’ll find once you do that communication, agvocating, and building relationships is a lot more fun and a lot easier once you do.


  3. Great words of wisdom that I needed to hear today!


  4. Posted by Drew Bender on June 21, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    Great post Darin! I agree that most of us can be guilty of those complaints every now or then.


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