Cultural Differences

Brian was a successful, wealthy businessman, living the American dream.  Like most of his social circle, he planned a lengthy vacation, choosing a Mexican resort.  Once there, he decided to leave the glitz and luxury of his vacation retreat explore the local culture a bit more.  He met Carlos on his venture into the community. The two become quick friends when Carlos took Brian out on his fishing boat for a few days.  They talked aimlessly, usually took a couple of Mexican siestas (short naps) and soaked up the lazy Mexican sun each afternoon.  Carlos told Brian that he and his wife had been doing this for about twenty years, they sold some fish at the local market each week to pay the bills, had a fish dinner every evening and otherwise were mostly content to just enjoy a relaxing life.  Brian thought the diversity of fish they served was better than most anything he had tasted before. Towards the end of his stay with Carlos, on one of their last fishing trips together, he had an inspiration.

“Carlos”, he said, “You and your wife have an incredible unused talent in the diversity and excellency of the fish you prepare.  There’s a genuine opportunity for a seafood focused casual dining experience in America.  Combining my Mexican fishing boatbusiness savvy with your culinary skills, I think we’d have a real winner.  Red Lobster wouldn’t stand a chance!  Why once we established the first restaurant we could franchise the concept!  Carlos, we could make millions!!”  Brian was so excited he pounded Carlos on the back, nearly dumping them both in the water.  

Carlos pondered the words and excitement from his friend for a few minutes.  Finally, he thoughtfully asked, “What then?  Once we’ve made our millions, what do we do?”

Brian looked in disbelief, “Why Carlos, think of the possibilities.  We could travel the world, in our own private yacht if we desired.  We wouldn’t have to work another day in our lives!  We could do anything we wanted.  In his excitement, Brian beamed, “Carlos!  You could even take a siesta EVERY day if you wanted!”

Instantly, a wave of confusion swept over Carlos’s face..  He thought he was already enjoying a siesta every day?  Carlos felt he had come to understand his friend well over the last few days, but the excitement Brian now showed just didn’t make sense.  To Carlos, he couldn’t understand why anyone would go to all the work, all the effort and in the end be living the same contented, happy life he was now? Carlos simply did not feel Brian’s excitement.

Brian was confused as well.  He was so keen on his idea, patting himself on the back for a venture he already knew would be successful, as many of his previous ones had.  He clearly saw in Carlos’s face that the excitement was not shared though, and slowly, ever so slowly Brian began to understand…


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