The Ipad and Kids

This winter, I received an Ipad as part of a marketing promotion effort.  Needless to say, I was excited to finally get a chance to play with this cool new piece of technology that seems to be sweeping the globe.  To be perfectly honest I’ve been disappointed.  There’s one app, a magazine called Zite, that I really, really like.  But it’s the only thing I use the Ipad for.  Most of my computer use involves typing, or switching between lots of things going on at once, both of which the Ipad is awful at.  Sure I could get an external keyboard, but than why not just use a notebook?

However, with my kids, it’s been different.  The Ipad’s been a HUGE hit.  And I guess I need to admit to a second thing I use the Ipad for.  Finding and installing games/things to do for them.  I think we have 30-40 applications for the kids already (and probably a couple dozen more I’ve checked out and deleted).

I’ve often wondered about this “Ipad addiction”  And my perspective might be a bit different than many reading this.  We don’t have TV, I didn’t grow up with TV in my house, and neither are my kids.  Was reading an article this morning that inspired this blog post from me “Why every kid in America needs an Ipad”  Some interesting points, but not having the TV to start with, it wasn’t completely  applicable.  However there’s times when I’m home, I’m working on other things or projects, that the Ipad can be a very nice babysitter.

However, I’ve really noticed something from my 2 year old in the last couple weeks that gives me hope his Ipad use isn’t causing too much permanent long-term damage!   He’s gotten tired of it, maybe its the switch to spring, and the additional time spent outside.  Maybe it’s the reality that NOTHING holds the attention of a 2 year old very long.  But whatever it is, not only does he not even ask/think about the Ipad as much, but when he does get to use it, a short time later he’s often done.  His farm toys are getting more use, and yes he’s into more stuff he shouldn’t be, life has returned to somewhat normal.

Now, this is somewhat of a mixed blessing.  I’m glad he’s not glued to the screen all the time, however, I’m not so certain that both his parents sanity and the upkeep/condition of the house doesn’t run in direct opposite relation to his Ipad use.

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  1. No TV here too – most of what we want to see we can find the next day online. 🙂 A bit of a culture shock for Connor (12) but he’s adapting.


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  3. […] Grimm, Darin’s Ramblings – What a difference an iPad makes in Darin’s […]


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